Resign Spark Perfume

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Product Details :

* Product: ReSIGN SPARK Apparel Perfume
* Quantity: 60 ML
* Gender: Unisex (Ideal for Men & Women)
* Fragrance Classification: Apparel Perfume
* Long-Lasting: Provides a lasting and captivating fragrance on apparel
* Versatility: Suitable for various occasions and apparel
* Packaging: Securely packaged to preserve fragrance quality
* Brand: ReSign

ReSIGN SPARK Apparel Perfume encapsulates the essence of sophistication, allowing you to make a statement with your scent. Embrace the charm of a fascinating fragrance that accompanies you throughout the day, enhancing your aura and leaving a lasting mark. Boost your fragrance experience with ReSIGN SPARK, a testament to your refined taste and style

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Product Description

About this item :

Upgrade your scent game with ReSIGN SPARK, an exquisite apparel perfume that captures the essence of timeless elegance. The first step to finding your favourite fragrance is to understand the different scent families that every scent is based on. The four main types are warm, woody, oriental and fresh, with each effect brought out by different combination of fragrances. You will often see top, middle, and base notes being used to describe a fragrance.

The top notes of a fragrance, also known as the head or opening notes, are what you smell immediately after spraying your perfume ; they evaporate quickly but will form the first impression of the fragrance. 

The middle, or heart, notes appear once the top notes have disappeared. These notes are considered to be the main body of the fragrance, lasting longer than the top notes and are usually well-rounded.

Base notes are what is left at the end ; it is this smell that you remember the most. The base notes are the longer lasting, mixing with middle notes to create the full body of the perfume. 

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