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Product Details : 

* Product : ReSIGN FOOT FRESH 

* Quantity : 60 ML Ipa - (Isopropyl alcohol)

* Application : Foot odour prevention spray

* Fragrances : Natural camphor and mint 

* Usage : Spray on feet before wearing socks

* Benefits : Effectively combats foot odour, provides instant freshness 

* Long-Lasting : Provides a lasting and refreshing scent 

* Gender : Unisex 

* Packaging : Convenient and easy-to-use spray bottle 

* Ideal For : Individuals seeking a solution for foot odour 

* Brand : ReSIGN 

ReSIGN FOOT FRESH is your reliable companion for maintaining foot hygiene and freshness. With its natural fragrances and convenient application, it ensures that your feet remain fresh throughout the day. Upgrade your daily routine with the refreshing confidence that comes from ReSIGN FOOT FRESH, the solution to smelly feet. 


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Product Description

About This Product :

Say goodbye to foot odour with ReSIGN FOOT FRESH, your ultimate solution for keeping your feet smelling fresh and clean. This specially formulated spray is designed to fight the unpleasant stench that can sometimes arise from feet. With the natural fragrances of camphor and mint, ReSIGN FOOT FRESH provides an instant burst of freshness that revitalizes your feet.

ReSIGN FOOT FRESH is your go-to remedy for preventing foot odour before it even starts. Simply spray it on your feet before putting on your socks, and let the natural scents of camphor and mint work their magic. The refreshing aroma not only masks any unpleasant  odours but also imparts a revitalizing sensation that keeps your feet feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. 

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